Jump in and get muddy. Give back and get set. Scouts ignore the butterflies and go for it! Our Scouts meet on a Wednesday evening at 19:15 to 21:00

Scouts are a go-getting group of young people aged 10 ½ to 14 who:

  • Master new skills and try new things
  • Make new friends
  • Have fun and go on adventures, at home and abroad
  • Explore the world around them
  • Help others and make a difference, in their own communities and beyond


What do Scouts get up to?

Being a Scout is all about discovering the world on their own terms and making the most of what they have, wherever and whoever they are.

Alongside their new friends, they will master the skills that will help them weather the storms of life, and try things they would never get the chance to do at home or at school – working with trained volunteers to achieve whatever they set your mind to.

Who leads Scouts?

The Scout Troop is made up of young people aged 10½ to 14, led by trained adult volunteers who are on hand to share their skills and keep everyone safe. Traditionally, Scout leaders were nicknamed ‘Skip’ – an abbreviation of ‘Skipper’, which is a name given to a ship’s captain.

Within their Troop, Scouts are part of a Patrol – smaller groups of Scouts who look out for one another, and help each other grow. Scouts gather in their Patrols at the beginning and end of meetings. They might also stick together on expeditions or trips away, or during certain activities.

How to join

1st Merton Park is an extremely popular group, this means that lots of young people want to join and you might have to wait for a space to become available before you can start your scouting journey. If you have any questions about accessibility, it’s best to contact us in addition to your application. By being upfront about additional needs from the start, parents/carers can work in partnership with local leaders to make sure their young person has the best experience possible.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls